bg_booksWhen you hire Michael Dezsi as your lawyer, you can be assured he will pursue the most effective strategy to win your case. Dezsi begins each and every case with a thorough understanding of the client’s concerns. Whether your case is large or small, criminal or civil, state or federal, the same care and concern is applied to each case. Dezsi attacks criminal and civil cases with unfaltering resoluteness to achieve the best position for you.

Preparing vigorously for all stages of the case, including pre-trial depositions, motions, and even tough negotiations, Dezsi always represents your interests from a position of strength. Strong negotiation skills combined with years of experience leads to successful outcomes. Dezsi has trial expertise in both high stakes criminal and civil trials with a reputation of creative strategies for his clients.

Dezsi has appeared and practiced before courts all over the country and has thorough understanding of the procedures of courts in Michigan and other states. This experience provides clients with the benefit of their case proceeding most efficiently in accord with the proper procedures of each particular court. Further, Dezsi’s experience and knowledge eliminates procedural mistakes occurring in the case, allowing his singular focus to be on the legal issues involved and securing the most favorable outcomes for his clients.

Michael Dezsi is vigorous in motion practice and believes that pre-trial aggressiveness can in many instances lead to positive results without the necessity of trial. Dezsi always informs his clients as to every important aspect of the litigation so as to give them all the choices and options available to them. Dezsi ensures that each client receives personal attention and he returns all client calls.